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IDSES 2019

As a result of technological advances in fiber and information systems, data generation, data transmission, processing and storage are facilitated with increased data transmission performance. However, this situation has resulted in the formation of digital data stack. Data discipline and engineering discipline has emerged to give meaning to data stacks, analyze data stacks and transform them into information. Implementation of data science and engineering methods enables administrators to make effective and quick decisions to increase operational efficiency as well as to keep the pulse of the society, employees and institutions. With the increase of global competition and the development of technology, the training of experts in this field gained importance with the studies carried out in the field of data science and engineering. For this reason, the target mass of the IDSES Symposium; academicians that working in this field, data miners, data engineers and researchers who want to improve themselves.

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UNESCO World Heritage list on December 17, 1994

Symposium Location

Karabük Üniversitesi Safranbolu Fethi Toker Güzel Sanatlar ve Tasarım Fakültesi Metin Sözen Cad. 78600 Safranbolu – Karabük
Karabük Üniversitesi Safranbolu Bilim ve Sanat Akademisi (Taş Bina) Sağlık Sok. Safranbolu Devlet Hastanesi Yanı 78600 Safranbolu – Karabük)